Tiny Houses


We are featured in a Sacramento Bee article: Tiny homes yield bigger problem: Where to put them?

Delta Bay Tiny House Resort is a subdivision in Park Delta Bay, and currently the only legal tiny house community in Northern California. We welcome tiny houses which are RVIA compliant. This is a small community with a couple of owner-built tiny houses and park owned park models. The park has country club amenities including bathhouse, clubhouse, tennis courts, volleyball court, lush green lawns, and fishing docks on the San Joaquin River.


Q: Can I legally park my tiny house?
A: Yes.

Q: Can tiny housers live in the park year-around?
A: Absolutely! Although tiny house enthusiasts may enjoy the park for any length of stay, we’d love to see tiny housers make the park home. Our vision is to form a grassroots community of tiny houses. Together, we can live tiny and create a big community.

Q: I have an RV. Are lots available if I don’t have a tiny house?
A: Yes. Currently, there are more RVs than tiny houses. We love custom RV’s. You’re tiny too!

Q: What is your pet policy?
A: Our pet policy is “Welcome pets!” The pet should be a non-aggressive breed, friendly to residents and other animals in the park. The pet should be leashed while walking the park.

Q: Does the park have internet?
A: Yes. The park offers multiple options for internet. The park has its own free and secure WiFi connection for all residents and visitors. Additionally, the park has formed a relationship with a local internet service provider. The park also has good 4G service on Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, and Sprint.

Q: What’s included in the lot fee?
A: The lot fee includes water, sewer, landscaping, trash pickup. Electric is billed separately.

Q: Do tiny houses have to be on wheels at the park?
A: Yes. As an RV park, we are zoned for mobile vehicles.

Q: Does my tiny house have to be RVIA compliant?
A: Yes. We do not require RVIA certification but the tiny house should be close to RVIA standards and registered with DMV.

Q: I built my tiny house myself. Can I still park my home at the park?
A: Yes! We acknowledge the brave DIYers who pioneered the social movement and tip our hats to those who continue the tradition. We requests an application for space rental make sure that the structure is in compliance with regulations for the park’s zoning ordinance.

Q: Can you build a tiny home  while living at the park?
A: No. Our insurance does not permit residents to build tiny houses at the park at this time.

Q: Can I park my tiny house as a rental property?
A: Yes. You can park your tiny house here year-around and use it as a short term daily rental property. The tiny house owner is responsible for their monthly lot fee, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of their tiny house. At this time, the park does not offer a property management service.

Q: Okay. I want to park my tiny house at the park. What’s the process?
A: The first step in the process is to fill out the application for space rental. We will need to know the date you would like to arrive at the park, the size of your tiny house, as well as its utility hookup requirements. If you are still dreaming about going tiny, it might be a little early to engage in the reservation process. (The park is unable to predict lot availability in the far future and we already have waiting lists for sites.