Park Rules


No more than 6 people per site including guests. Quiet time is 10pm to 8am.  All visitors must check in at the office and leave the park by 10pm.

All children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them at all times while in the clubhouse, restrooms and pool.  All children must be in there sites by 10pm unless we are playing an outdoor movie.

No lifeguards at the swimming pool, swim at your own risk.

Skateboarding is prohibited.

Bicycles may be ridden in the park at riders own risk as long as speed limit and helmet laws are obeyed.

There is no smoking in any building through out the park.

We have a (2) dog maximum per site.  Pets must be kept on a leash at all times when not in your vehicle.  Please clean up after your pet.  We do have breed restrictions so please ask.

Open fires on the ground are prohibited as the ground is mostly peat moss and it burns. Do not put charcoal ashes in the trash containers or the dumpster. Fire pits are allowed if they are off the ground and have a screen over the top at all times.

Please do not hang items from the trees clothes lines are not permitted.

Fireworks and firearms are not permitted in the park.  Discharge of a firearm will result in the Authorities being called and you will be escorted from the park.

We have a zero policy for any abusive behavior toward any staff member or guest.  You will be escorted from the park immediately without a refund.

Management assumes no responsibility for loss by fire, theft, accident or act of god.

Management has the right to refuse service to anyone and may ask you to leave if park rules are violated.

Fishing is prohibited at the marina or off the road at any time.