Long term and year round RV parks

When we bought our RV we honestly had not done any research on where to park it. First we looked (googled) for RV parks which was not entirely encouraging. Not many parks are online and google maps seemed to show a vacuum around where we wanted to live. The selection on craigslist was also limited. One option was a park over the mountains which would result in a two hour commute. Another option was a park in the delta (great fishing!) with more commuting.

We also considered putting a post on craigslist to find someone who would let us park in their backyard.

Sometime you can search for mobile home parks. Those mobile home parks, where people supply their own trailers, also have a section for RV fulltimers in most cases. The fulltimers are typically contractors that move somewhere and live there for several months while finishing a job. The process was similar to renting a house or an apartment, credit check, references, deposit.

Many parks have maximum stays of three weeks and moving every other week amongst a limited number of places would get old very quickly. RV parks like Delta Bay will allow you to lease long term if you ask. So instead of paying per day in an RV park, we’re paying half that on a long term contract.

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